Bullet Resistant Windows

Transaction window units are manufactured in a number of styles, sizes and configurations. For interior applications where aesthetics are a concern, counter tops may be supplied with plastic laminate, wood veneer or corian finishes. Exterior units incorporate stainless steel counter and deal tray units with aluminum framing.

Service Window - Exterior

This exterior service window features glazing sealed into the aluminum frame, a natural voice transmitter and a deal tray with closure all designed to be weather tight and to prevent drafts. More ›

Walk Up Window

Bullet resistant walk up window features a stainless steel counter with incorporated drawer that extends out to the customer and a 5" natural voice transmission talk thru. More ›

Exchange Window -  Lazy Susan

Multi function window features a stainless steel deal tray on one side and a Lazy Susan on the other allowing for the transfer of small items and currency along with bulkier articles. More ›

Ticket Window

Bullet resistant ticket window features a two-way voice amplified talk thru and stainless steel counter with incorporated drawer. More ›

Vision Window - Clamp-on Frame

Interior vision window designed for natural voice transmission and features an adjustable clamp-on frame for a variety of wall widths. More ›

Service Window - Clamp-on Frame

Bullet resistant exchange window features a clamp-on frame, built-in shelf and transaction tray. More ›

Exchange Vision Window

Exchange vision window can be made into single or multiple lites and features natural voice transmision through the aluminum frame. Interior use only. More ›

Exchange Window

Bullet resistant exchange window features and aluminum frame allowing for natural voice transmission, a stainless steel shelf with built-in tray. Interior use only. More ›