Financial Institutions

The Experts for More than 20 Years

Gaffco has been securing financial institutions with bullet-resistant systems and related security solutions for more than 20 years. We are expert at integrating the right materials and products into aesthetically-appealing architectural and structural elements. Maximizing security in today’s “open floor plan” bank designs is particularly challenging. It increases the need for more strategic use of bullet-proof materials in a wide variety of structures, partitions and glass design elements. Whether it’s designing bullet-resistant partitions for workstations, drive-through bank teller windows or bank counters, Gaffco has the unique experience and expertise to help safeguard staff and customers.

Financial Institutions Security Consulting

Gaffco provides comprehensive consulting services for banks and financial institutions: From analysis of existing and planned bullet-proofing, safe room, security room designs, to developing a full-featured plan to protect employees from virtually every type of attack and natural disaster. We have extensive experience working with architects and engineers to integrate both physical and biological protection system in a non-intrusive manner.

Bandit Barriers

Properly protecting tellers and other retail employees is vital to creating a safe and productive work environment. Gaffco can custom-design bandit barrier solutions to fit the specific needs of any financial institution. These systems are custom manufactured to suit any particular application and are available in UL level 1 utilizing 1 1/4(mm) acrylic and UL level 3 utilizing 1 1/4(mm) polycarbonate. Depending on geographical location, these systems can be installed by Gaffco personnel or shipped "Flat packed" with all necessary hardware.

Entry Systems

From bullet-resistant doors, windows and walls, to comprehensive solutions for structurally-hardened entryways, Gaffco has the expertise to help prevent threats from ever gaining access to secure spaces within a bank or other financial facility.

Ballistic Wall Systems

Utilizing only UL-certified ballistic components, which are integrated with wood, aluminum, and stainless steel products, allows us a creative license to design bullet-resistant, yet architecturally and aesthetically pleasing, wall systems.


To be prepared for any eventuality, financial institutions must also consider the possibility of air-borne toxins. Whether it’s tear gas, toxins from a chemical attack or worse,  Gaffco’s expertise in specifying and installing bio-defense ventilation systems can help to ensure a safe and healthy breathing environment even in the most extreme conditions.  Having safe fresh air can be the first and foremost line of defense when a natural or man-made disaster situation arises.  More > (Link to full section about  BioDefense)