Corporate Security

Is your workplace fully secure?

Top executives and entrepreneurs must be prepared for all contingencies. An integral part of crisis preparedness is ensuring that workplaces include fully secure areas. Gaffco has unparalleled experience within protecting business leaders and their employees from the unexpected.

Corporate Security Consulting

Gaffco has been securing financial institutions with bullet-resistant systems and related security solutions for more than 20 years. We are expert at integrating the right materials and products into aesthetically-appealing architectural and structural elements.

Corporate Security Saferooms

Also known as secure rooms or panic rooms, safe rooms provide an extremely secure location for staff members to retreat to in the event of a break-in or attack. This may be a dedicated area or a “multi-purpose conference room” that has been hardened to double as a safe room. Gaffco has more than 20 years experience designing and installing safe rooms that provide the highest level of protection for our clients. Gaffco has unparalleled experience in developing and integrating the most secure possible safe room solution to meet a specific clients’ needs and budget.

Corporate Security Bio-defense

To be prepared for any eventuality, you must also consider the possibility of air-borne toxins. Whether it’s tear gas, toxins from a chemical attack or worse,  Gaffco’s expertise in specifying and installing bio-defense ventilation systems can help to ensure a safe and healthy breathing environment even in the most extreme conditions.  Having safe fresh air can be the first and foremost line of defense when a natural or man-made disaster situation arises. Download the PDF

Corporate Security Ballistic Wall Systems

Through extensive experience in North American, Europe, Africa and elsewhere, our teams have developed and installed bullet-resistant walls systems for a wide range of situations. Utilizing only UL-certified ballistic components, which are integrated with wood, aluminum, and stainless steel products, allows us a creative license to design bullet-resistant, yet architecturally and aesthetically pleasing, wall systems.

Corporate Security Blast Film

Protective window film can greatly reduce the hazards of flying glass in the event of explosions or other physical assaults. Window film can protect life, reduce injuries and damage, while also reducing the time and cost required for cleanup after an incident. Through years of experience and industry knowledge, Gaffco engineers know how to correctly specify the most appropriate film product for any application. Download the PDF