Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet Resistant door and frame assemblies are pre-hung with Roton Heavy Duty continuous hinges. Frames are available in wrap, butt, and split designs. Wood doors are available in all styles and faced with any type of wood or high pressure laminated plastic veneer. All doors are available in Protection Levels I-IV. Frames are constructed to the same Protection Level as the doors. All door units are prepared to suit hardware specifications: hardware can also be supplied.

Security Doors - Wood

Standard bullet resistant wood door assemblies feature steel frame, fiberglass core and wood veneer finish in a variety of designs. More ›

Security Doors - Steel

Standard bullet resistant steel door assemblies include cold rolled steel doors and frames, ballistic armor with aluminum continuous gear hinge.   More ›

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Door Constructed of Bullet Resistant aluminum carefully fabricated with hairline joints and true alignment of adjacent members. Door openings will accept transparent or opaque armours. More ›