Marine Armor Systems

Marine Armor Kits

We offer Stand Alone & Applique systems for all types of maritime applications.

  • Our polyethylene systems provide lightest weight characteristics, buoyancy and resistance to water, salt water and most chemicals and solvents. While our composite systems are tailored to meet specific weight, cost and ballistic performance requirements.
  • Protective coatings are offered for all systems for protection against the harshest of environments.
  • Installation methods include:
    • Mil Spec Velcro® Systems
    • Adhesive Bonding
    • Framed Fixtures
    • Bolt-on
  • We offer a wide array of opaque and transparent armoring options.
  • Our custom tailored systems range from lightweight polyethylene and ceramic composite options to steelcomposite hybrids.
  • All UL, NIJ, Euronorm, DIN and other International standards of ballistic resistance can be addressed.
  • On-site installation training provided at the time of product delivery, where required.

Ballistic Protection Options Include:

  • 9mm Parabellum and .44 Magnum
  • 7.62mmX51 NATO (M80) Ball
  • 7.62mmX51 AP M61
  • 7.62mmX39 M1943 Type PS Ball, Steel Core
  • 7.62mmX39 AP BZI
  • 5.56mmX45 M193
  • 5.56mmX45 M855 (SS109)
  • 7.62mmX54R
  • .30-06 AP M2
  • .50 Caliber Ball M2
  • .50 Caliber AP M2

Ballistic protection levels are provided in accordance with client requirements

Ballistic Materials

We utilize only the highest of quality materials. Extensive research and ballistic testing go into every product manufactured. Our designs include composite systems utilizing:


  • Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3)
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)
  • Boron Carbide (B4C)


  • High Hard
  • Mil-A-46100
  • Mil-A-12560

Multi-hit Armor Kits are balanced to provide the optimal solution of weight, performance and cost.

Typical Armor Systems

7.62mmX51 NATO (M80) Ball  
7.62mmX39 M1943 Type PS Ball (steel core)  
5.56mmX45 M193 and M855 (SS109)  
     Polyethylene (not inclusive of M855) 3.8 PSF
     Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)/Kevlar ® 7.5 PSF
     Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)/Polyethylene 6.9 PSF
     Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Polyethylene 6.1 PSF
     Boron Carbide (B4C)/Polyethylene 5.6 PSF
7.62mmX51 AP M61  
7.62mmX39 AP BZI  
.30-06 AP  
     Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)/Kevlar ® 9.8 PSF
     Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)/Polyethylene 9.3 PSF
     Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Polyethylene 7.4 PSF
     Boron Carbide (B4C)/Polyethylene 6.8 PSF
  • GAFFCO provides on site consultation of ballistic protection options, panel designs and kit configuration specific to your program.
  • Upon confirmation of ballistic threat requirement and armor system, mock templates are produced, (where necessary), to ensure optimal fit and function. Panels can be custom tailored to meet individual client requirements or can be provided in block sizes for customer cutting and modification for installation.
  • Armor systems are backed with complete technical support 24-hours a day.


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