Gaffco Package Passers

Pass Hoppers

Large pass hoppers are ideal for transferring heavy, bulky items. More ›

Security Drawers

Dual Security drawer features an upper sliding deal tray with a lower, large tranfer area. More ›

Security Drawers - Extending

Extending security drawers are best suited for transactions occurring through thick walls and/or outdoors.  More ›

Security Drawers - Built-in Speakers

Extended security drawers feature an internal communication system compatible with most commercial intercoms. More ›

Pass-thru - Easy Serve (Bullet resistant)

Bullet resistant Easy Serve pass-thru window swivels in and out making it ideal for walk-up or drive-through transactions. More ›

Transaction Drawer

Large, bullet resistant, extended transaction drawer glides smoothly on heavy-duty ball bearing slides.  More ›

Pass-thru - Easy Serve

Easy Serve pass-thru windows are ideal for conducting drive-thru transactions transferring items via a pivoting shelf. More ›

Pass-thru - Lazy Susan

Bullet resistant, Lazy Susan pass-thru has weatherstripping shielding the interior space from the outdoor elements. More ›

Package Receiver - Clear

Bullet resistant package receiver is transparent from all four sides allowing an operator to view the contents being transferred. More ›

Package Receiver - Vision Panel

Bullet resistant package receiver with rear vision door allows operator to see contents being transferred. More ›

Package Receiver

Bullet resistant package receivers are ideal for transferring boxed items, small containers or other bulky materials. More ›