Government Agencies

In North America and Internationally, Gaffco has helped government facilities with a wide range of bullet-resistant (and blast-proof) solutions for protecting civilian and military personnel from physical and biological attack.  Gaffco’s offers both mobile (modular) and permanent solutions.

Government Agencies Security Consulting

Gaffco provides comprehensive consulting services for Government Agencies: From analysis of existing and planned bullet-proofing, blast-protection systems, safe rooms, and security room design, to developing a full-featured plan to protect personnel from virtually every type of attack and natural disaster. We have extensive experience working with architects and engineers to integrate both physical and biological protection system in a non-intrusive manner. Our team has also developed unique mobile and modular, bullet-resistant and blast-proof field-office solutions that can be airlifted or delivered by land and sea routes to remote locations.

Government Agencies – Perimeter Protection

Providing a secure perimeter surrounding any mission-critical building, area or facility is the first step to ensuring the protection of personnel and the ability to react to imminent threats.  From vehicle barriers, guard booths to fixed and movable barriers and intrusion detection systems, Gaffco has experience providing a full range of solutions and specifying the most appropriate combination of protection for every project.

Government Agencies – Existing Facilities Upgrade

In the ever-changing global security environment, it often becomes necessary to evaluate and quickly upgrade existing facilities to meet emerging threats.  Gaffco built its business and reputation on the rapid upgrade and retrofit of secure facilities. We bring to the table comprehensive knowledge about the full spectrum of ballistic-resistant materials and blast-resistant solutions and products necessary to maximize the effectiveness of any security upgrade project. From bullet-resistant doors, windows and walls, to modular solutions to comprehensive plans that encompass security rooms, bomb-proofing, voice communications and other security products, Gaffco has the expertise to help harden and secure any facility.

Government Agencies – Entry Systems

From bullet-resistant doors, windows and walls, to comprehensive solutions for structurally-hardened entryways, Gaffco has the expertise to help prevent threats from ever gaining access to secure areas within vital facilities, domestically and in foreign locations.

Government Agencies – Bio-defense

To be prepared for any eventuality, Government Agencies must also consider the possibility of air-borne toxins. Whether it’s tear gas, toxins from a chemical attack or worse,  Gaffco’s expertise in specifying and installing bio-defense ventilation systems can help to ensure a safe and healthy breathing environment even in the most extreme conditions.  Having safe fresh air can be the first and foremost line of defense when a natural or man-made disaster situation arises.  More > (Link to full section about  BioDefense)