Bullet Resistant Systems

Extensive global experience over the past 25 years has allowed our team to design, build and install bullet-resistant systems for a wide range of situations including residences, embassies, government and military installations, banking facilities, medical institutions, monetary distribution centers and corporate offices of all kinds requiring data, petty cash or payroll protection. Our products and services ranges from consulting (such as evaluating the efficacy of existing bullet-resistant measures) to designing and installing comprehensive solutions capable of withstanding sustained physical and biological attacks.

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Residential Security

Today, it’s nearly impossible to hide the location of residences from aggressive media or criminal elements with more sinister intentions. Gaffco has decades of experience helping clients to ensure that their homes are safe havens where they can feel and be fully secure. More ›

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Corporate Security

Top executives and entrepreneurs must be prepared for all contingencies. An integral part of crisis preparedness is ensuring that workplaces include fully secure areas. Gaffco has unparalleled experience within protecting business leaders from the unexpected. More ›

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Financial Institutions

Gaffco has been securing financial institutions with bullet-resistant systems and related security solutions for more than 20 years. We are expert at integrating the right materials and products into aesthetically-appealing architectural and structural elements. More ›

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Government Agencies

In North America and Internationally, Gaffco has helped government facilities with a wide range of bullet-resistant (and blast-proof) solutions for protecting civilian and military personnel from physical and biological attack. We offer both mobile and permanent solutions. More ›