Residential Security

Make Your Home Secure!

With the rapid development of publicly accessible information technologies, it is very difficult for wealthy people and their families to keep the location of homes hidden from invasive members of the media and more sinister elements—such as violent criminals or extremists. Thus, the need to ensure that residences are “fully hardened” and secure is more important than ever. Gaffco has extensive experience providing a wide range of solutions that are tailored to clients’ specific needs and budgets. Our residential clients include top executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, entertainers, artists and others in the limelight. Gaffco helps to ensure the safety of clients’ primary and vacation homes, yachts and workplaces.

Residential Security Consulting

Gaffco provides comprehensive consulting services for residential projects: From analysis of existing and planned bullet-proofing, safe room, security room, guard houses, and bio-defense designs, to developing a full-featured plan to protect residents in new homes from virtually all types attacks. We have extensive experience working with architects and engineers to integrate physical and biological protection system in a non-intrusive manner.

Residential Security Saferooms

Also known as secure rooms or panic rooms, safe rooms provide an extremely secure location for residents to retreat to in the event of a break-in or attack. Gaffco has more than 20 years experience designing and installing safe rooms that provide the highest level of protection to our clients. Gaffco has unparalleled experience in developing and integrating the most secure possible safe room solution to meet a specific client’s needs and budget. 

Residential Security Entry Systems

From bullet-resistant doors, windows and walls, to comprehensive solutions that encompass security gatehouses, bomb-proofing, security communications solutions and secure package/mail passers, Gaffco has the expertise to help prevent threats from ever entering into a private residence.

Residential Security Bio-defense

To be prepared for any eventuality, you must also consider the possibility of air-borne toxins. Whether it’s tear gas, toxins from a chemical attack or worse,  Gaffco’s expertise in specifying and installing bio-defense ventilation systems, can help to ensure a safe and healthy breathing environment even in the most extreme conditions.. When the roads are clogged with insanity, you can sit tight knowing your are breathing safe, clean air!