Company Profile

Design manufacture and installation of blast, ballistic and forced entry resistant structures and systems.

Gaffco’s Mission: To deliver products of the highest quality to help assure the safety, security, and protection of our clients, their families, employees, and property.


Founded in 1986 by current CEO Tom Gaffney, Gaffco Ballistics is a design-build manufacturer and installer of blast, ballistic and forced entry systems.

Gaffco Ballistics provides products and services specifically tailored to suit our clients requirements in both the private and public sectors. Our engineers have  designed bullet and blast-resistant systems for a wide range of situations, including residential safe-rooms, government installations, banking facilities, medical institutions, corporate offices and monetary distribution centers requiring data, personal, petty cash or payroll protection.

Recent world events have proven that terrorism, once considered only a vague threat, is a real possibility. This enhanced awareness of growing terrorist activity in the US and overseas has led to the development of state-of-the-art composite materials and specialized systems that utilize both transparent and opaque armors to achieve maximum protection against blast, ballistic and forced entry assault. We are on the cutting edge of this technology and manufacture all our products and systems to meet or exceed UL , NIJ , DIN and CEN standards.

Our systems are  engineered to mitigate the highest threat levels and designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture through implementation of quality materials including high-end wood veneers, stainless steel and powder-coated finishes. Our high-security locking and hardware systems are designed to offer the maximum protection levels available and are concealed within the particular assembly to  enhance the aesthetics of the finished product without compromising security.

The installation phase of the project plays a critical role in the process.  For that reason particular attention is paid to project planning early in the manufacturing phase which we believe is critical in delivering a quality finished product. Our  in-house personnel are certified US State Department installers and have performed countless complex residential and commercial installations both in the US and overseas, often in conflict zones. Shipping, transportation and accommodations are handled in-house which ensures a professional and discrete installation in a timely manner.
We believe our continued investment in engineering, personnel and equipment, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, will prove Gaffco Ballistics to be a leader in the fields of blast-ballistic and forced entry protection.