Walk Up Window GWW

Bullet resistant walkup window features an aluminum frame, a stainless steel countertop with an incorporated drawer and a 5" diameter talk thru. The countertop extends out below the window on the customer side to accomodate personal items and offer a smooth writing surface.

  • Anodized aluminum frame (clear or bronze)
  • Stainless steel counter top 
  • Weatherstripped drawer
  • Natural voice transmission talk thru
  • Available in three sizes
  • Level I, II or III bullet resistant

To order please call 802-824-9808 or send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Walk Up Window Photo


Walk Up Window Diagrams


  • Frame: Clear or bronze anodized finish
  • Counter top: Stainless steel
  • Talk thru: Cast stainless steel

GWW-2436: 24"w x 36"h (Wall opening 24.25"x36.25")
GWW-3036: 30"w x 36"h (Wall opening 30.25"x36.25")
GWW-3636: 36"w x 36"h (Wall opening 36.25"x36.25")

Specify frame finish and bullet resistant level when ordering