Bullet Resistant Windows

Transaction window units are manufactured in a number of styles, sizes and configurations. For interior applications where aesthetics are a concern, counter tops may be supplied with plastic laminate, wood veneer or corian finishes. Exterior units incorporate stainless steel counter and deal tray units with aluminum framing.

Walk Up Window

Gaffco's new bullet resistant walk-up window has a aluminum frame, stainless steal counter top with drawer, it leaves space in front of the window for a writing surface or purse ledge. Weather-stripped drawer extends out to customer for access to contents. More ›

Exchange Window with Lazy Susan

This double light window unit is for interior use only. Window has natural voice transmission inside aluminum frame. More ›

Ticket Window

Gaffco's new bullet resistant Ticket Window features aluminum clamp-on frame adjustable for walls 5" to 8 1/2 thick, two-way voice amplified bullet resistant talk-through is mounted in choice of glazing. More ›

Vision Window with Aluminum Clamp On Frame

The GVA service window with the aluminum clamp-on frame is identical to the GWA window above except for a frame along the bottom in place of the stainless steel shelf and deal tray. More ›

Service Window with Aluminum Clamp On Frame

Bullet resistant Service Window fits into rough wall opening and clamps onto finished wall. Extruded aluminum frame adjusts for walls 5" to 8 1/2" thick. Window unit clamps into place with bolts positioned through back frame into threaded section of front frame. More ›

Vision Window

THE GVW Vision Exchange Window can be made with or without natural voice transmission. This window is identical to the Exchange window above execept the shelf is omitted and replace with aluminum frame along bottom edge. More ›

Exchange Window

Exchange Window with natural voice transmission mounts into masonry opening or into bullet resistant reinforced stud wall. It can be made in single or multiple lites. The window frame is extruded aluminum and is fastened together with screws. More ›