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Safe Rooms: Company Profile: Gaffco Ballistics, Thomas Gaffney

Gaffco Safe Rooms - History has proven you can never be too safe. One company's mission is to prove history wrong...

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Recent world events have proven that terrorism, once considered a vague threat, is a real possibility. Security is one of the biggest concerns facing corporations and homeowners today, and there is growing demand for information and products.

One company that has responded to that challenge is Gaffco Ballistics, a leading provider of cutting-edge security systems in the United States as well as in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Their specialty is protecting homes and workplaces from external intrusion with customized safe rooms.

Safe rooms have come a long way from that depicted in the movie Panic Room, featuring Jodie Foster...

Tom Gaffney, president of Gaffco Ballistics, spoke of his company's approach:

"Our safe room are custom-built to suit the needs of each individual client. We take existing space--for example, the master bedroom suite or walk-in closet--and reinforce the area to protect against intrusion or ballistic attack. The safe rooms are designed to blend with the existing surroundings, making them architecturally pleasing, yet secure enough to protect to the required threat level."

Residential and corporate safe rooms are now standard in new buildouts or renovations. Areas are outfitted with forced-entry ballistic doors and wall, secure communications devices, cameras to monitor outside activity and independent power sources. A control panel activates and locks the room down until security or police arrive. A feature of safe rooms particular to urban areas like New York is the optional air filtration system by Gaffco Ballistics, which provides clean air to occupants in the event of a "dirty bomb" attack in the city.

In residential homes, larger areas, such as a movie theater or family rooms, are becoming more prevalent for use as safe areas...

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