Gaffco PODS Transportable Saferoom

Self-contained, transportable saferoom with walls, floor and ceiling armored
to U.S. State & Military blast/ballistic and forced entry specifications.

PODS Overview, Specifications and Features:

  • A manufacturing facility would be established in the Buffalo region.
  • 20’ shipping containers would be purchased.
  • The containers would be insulated against heat and cold (desert night and day).
  • Walls, floor and ceiling armored to meet US State and US Mil blast/ballistic and forced entry protection standards.
  • Existing cargo doors sealed and windows and entry doors with return fire capabilities strategically located.
  • The interior would be finished in a durable yet aesthetically pleasing commercial grade material, indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor.
  • A sound / fume proofed compartment would be designed to incorporate a generator, fuel tank and HVAC system which would give life support for 24 hours for approx five days without fuel replenishment.
  • The electrical package would consist of wall outlets, overhead lighting, and communication equipment. Solar panels can be incorporated supplying 30% of the PODs power requirements.
  • The unit would be configured with four work stations or four sleep areas, and would ship turn key.
  • Estimated costs: $150,000.00 per unit.
  • Additional “bells and whistles” can be added as per the client’s requirements.
  • In summary, this “saferoom” would be transportable as a standard shipping container, would meet all US FEBR (forced entry/bullet resistant US Embassy standards),would be a stand alone entity (no power requirement) could be utilized as a single unit or configured to attach to or stack on to additional units. All components and labor would be performed by US labor.

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Gaffco PODS Transportable Saferoom Diagrams