Wood Doors G203

Series G203 wood doors are manufactured to resist the following threat levels:

Frames are formed from bullet resistant steel, suitably reinforced as required to meet UL test criteria. Frame corners are mitered and welded. Doors are available in a wide array of finishes. Choose from a variety of cuts and wood species such as, rift cut red oak or sliced maple. There are many combinations available. Contact the factory for selection sheets or veneer samples.

To order please call 802-824-9808 or send and email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Wood Doors Diagrams


Available Finishes for Wood Doors, Include Cherry, Oak, Maple, Pine and many more...

Available Ballistic Levels

UL Level 1 (MPSA)
UL Level 3 (SPSA)
UL Level 4 (HPR)



Ballistic Product114 Ballistic Product115 Ballistic Product116 Ballistic Product117 Ballistic Product118 Ballistic Product119 Ballistic Product219 Ballistic Product220 Ballistic Product221 Ballistic Product222 Ballistic Product223 Ballistic Product224 Ballistic Product225 Ballistic Product226 Ballistic Product227 Ballistic Product228 Ballistic Product229 Ballistic Product230 Ballistic Product231