Today's security and isolation booths are often the best step you can take to protect your employees. But do they protect or help maintain your very important good will? Not if clerks and customers have to shout, growl and repeat themselves to be heard or understood.

Norcon's patented TTU-1 Talk Thru Communicator is a 2-way, hands-free audio system that provides high-quality personal communication between people separated by security or isolation barriers. It is the most widely used system of its type in the U.S., and the world.

The TTU-1AB is available in UL level 1 ballistic rated bullet proof as well as UL level 3 ballistic rating.


The Norcon TTU system permits hands-free communication between the booth attendant and the customer. Vox circuitry facilitates ongoing, clear, 2-way conversation at all times - as if the two parties were together in the same room.

The TTU-1 Talk Thru Communicator now incorporates circuitry to automatically attenuate the outside channel. If the gooseneck microphone is not used for a period of 30 seconds, the outside channel volume will be reduced approximately 70%.

Normal operation is restored as soon as the attendant speaks into the gooseneck microphone. The automatic volume attenuation circuit prevents outside noise from bothering the attendant.

The TTU-1 provides clear communication even in environments with high ambient noise by shaping the sound for maximum intelligibility. Its compression circuitry decreases loud, annoying sounds.

The TTU-1A is equipped with a Jack to add a headset or wireless headset. Simply plug the headset in and communicate. The headset contains lightweight construction, a boom mic and a single speaker that covers one ear.


Installation of the TTU-1A is a very simple, one-person operation. All that's needed is a 3-4 inch cutout in the barrier. All hardware and cable are supplied. Please specify barrier thickness when ordering. The TTU-1A is supplied with a continuous-duty, 117-Volt power supply that is stepped down to 15 Volts.

To order please call 802-824-9808 or send and email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


TTU-1AB Diagrams



  • Clear 2-way hands-free voice communication.
  • Quality electronic design and engineering.
  • Avoids shouting, repetition, misunderstanding.
  • Rugged, tamper-resistant materials.
  • Simple, one-person installation.
  • Compact, contemporary design. Fits any décor.
  • Export models available.
  • Units available for ADA applications.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Built in jack for headset.



  1. Audio frequency response:
  2. Selectively shaped for maximum voice intelligibility.
  3.  Audio power:
  4.  Watts per amplifier (2 amplifiers)
  5.  Distortion:
  6. Less than 2%
  7. Listen mode:
  8. 20 dB compression
  9.  Talk mode: Vox
  10. Microphones: Electret
  11. Power supply:

Input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Output: 15 VDC, 175 mA
Other input power is available upon request.


  1. Outside face plate: Solid aluminum, anodized finish, tamper-resistant.
  2. Control housing (inside): Machined finish, tamper resistant.
  3. Size: Outside face plate 5 in. dia. X ½ in. deep. Inside control housing for UL level 1BP 5 in. dia. x 21/2 in. D, for UL level 3 BP 5 in. dia. X 3 ½ in. Deep. Microphone & gooseneck 18" long. (other lengths available.)
  4. Weight: 4 lbs
  5. Mounting: Partition hole 3 to 4 in. dia. (3 ½ inc. recommended) Specifity barrier thickness when ordering.
  6. Panel controls: Listen volume, talk volume, on-off switch, headset jack.
  7. specifications are subject to change without notice.

Talk Thru Systems are shipped complete with cables, instructions, and power supply.

Other Models Available

TTU-1A same as TTU-1AB, but without bullet-resistant option.

TTU-1AJ same as TTU-1A, but with a removable gooseneck microphone.

TTU-1AJB same as TTU-1AJ, but with bullet-resistant option (UL Level 1 or 3)

TTU-1D Battery operated unit complete with rechargeable batteries and charger. Housing depth is 3 ½ inc.

TTU-1DB same as TTU-1D, but with bullet-resistant option (UL Level 1 or 3).

TTU-1DJ same as TTU-1D, but with a removable gooseneck microphone.

TTU-1DJB same as TTU-1DJ but with bullet-resistant option (UL Level 1 or 3).

TTU-3 Counter mount unit (no need to cut a hole in the glass).

TTU-HS Headset for TTU products.

TTU-WHS Wireless headset for TTU products.


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