Steel Doors

Constructed of 16-gauge plate-steel, these doors feature a core foamed-in-place Gaffco™ bullet resistant fiberglass. The frames are fabricated from 16 gauges, fully welded, prime painted, mortised, and reinforced for required hardware. Units are shipped pre-hung with a roton heavy-duty continuous hinge. Frames are available in wrap, butt, and split designs, and are custom sized for specific wall thickness.

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Steel Doors Diagrams


Available Ballistic Levels

UL Level 1 (MPSA)
UL Level 3 (SPSA)
UL Level 4 (HPR)



Ballistic Product110 Ballistic Product111 Ballistic Product232 Ballistic Product233 Ballistic Product234 Ballistic Product235 Ballistic Product236 Ballistic Product237 Ballistic Product238 Ballistic Product239 Ballistic Product240 Ballistic Product241 Ballistic Product242 Ballistic Product243 Ballistic Product244 Ballistic Product245 Ballistic Product246 Ballistic Product247 Ballistic Product248