Aluminum Doors

Constructed of bullet resistant aluminum carefully fabricated with hairline joints and true alignment of adjacent members. Shipped pre-hung, with Roton heavy-duty continuous hinge, factory assembled and finished with BR glazing. Clear or dark bronze standard custom colors available. Available with matching sidelights and transoms.

To order please call 802-824-9808 or send and email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Aluminum Doors Diagrams


Available Ballistic Levels

UL Level 1 (MPSA)
UL Level 3 (SPSA)
UL Level 4 (HPR)



Ballistic Product105 Ballistic Product106 Ballistic Product107 Ballistic Product108 Ballistic Product249 Ballistic Product250 Ballistic Product251 Ballistic Product252 Ballistic Product253 Ballistic Product254 Ballistic Product255 Ballistic Product256 Ballistic Product257 Ballistic Product258 Ballistic Product259 Ballistic Product260 Ballistic Product261 Ballistic Product262 Ballistic Product263