Voice Communicators

Available in natural and electronic voice format and in all ballistic levels to suit particular applications. A wide variety of units are available.


Monitoring the activities of inmates and patients in high-security or sensitive types of areas requires a special kind of communication system. More ›


The TTU-4 Talk Thru communication system is particularly suitable for low ambient noise environments that require an unobtrusive, yet tamper-resistant voice communication system. More ›


When multiple remote stations are needed to communicate with one master station the TTU-3MS is your best choice. More ›


One attendant at the master station can monitor and respond to calls from up to five remote stations. More ›

TTU-3™ 6inch

The Ideal Counter-Top Communication System When It is Impractcal to cut a hole in the Barrier More ›


The Basic Voice Communication System for High-Security Bullet Proof Situations More ›


Draft free 11" diameter cast aluminum talk thru is meant for exterior installations. More ›


Draft Free 8 3/8" diameter cast aluminum talk thru is well suited for exposed application. More ›


Round 6" diameter cast stainless steel talk thru design offers natural voice transmission with evenly spaced concentric louvers. More ›


Six inch round stainless steel Talk Thru has offset holes in front and rear to allow natural voice transmission. More ›


Five inch diameter cast stainless steel thru with vertical louvers provides natural voice transmission. More ›